Real Food. Real Life. Real Results.

What are your real health needs?

Do you have symptoms that your doctor just can’t figure out?

Have you been told that in the best interests of your long-term health you need to change?

Are you trying to gain the edge in the last few minutes of the race or the game?

Do you just want to feel better?

The answer to these and all kinds of other health-related questions may be as simple as looking carefully at what’s on the end of your fork. The impact of what you eat and how you eat it on your overall well-being is often overlooked and misunderstood.

But there’s good news- and all it takes the simple step of becoming aware of how what we eat affects just about everything else we do.

As a Certified Health Counselor...

I have worked with many clients and given many food and nutrition education workshops and seminars to teach the crucial relationship between what we eat and how we respond to life. I use simple, tested, personalized techniques and lots of real experience to help you feel better and live a fuller life. I look at how you’re living your actual life, what are the best foods- the best fuel- for you to accomplish your goals, and I can promise you’ll see results.

Whether you’re an individual looking to take your personal health to the next level-

a corporation or small business-owner looking to motivate your employees to attain better nutrition and healthier lifestyles (and save on the health care budget)-

an athlete looking to get the most out of your performance, or a coach looking to improve the overall power of your team-

I can help.

Christina Chodos
Health Counselor, Speaker, Nutrition Expert