Don’t Panic, Part 3: You CAN Navigate the Grocery Store After Being Diagnosed With a Soy Allergy

By Christina Chodos · May 22, 2017 · Featured in: Advice

Like eggs, soy needs by law to be labeled on all packaged foods, so if you read your labels carefully you should be fine. But just like eggs, soy can be present as an ingredient in many unlikely places, such as salad dressings, marinades, soups and other canned foods (I usually tell my clients with soy allergies to avoid canned foods when they’re able to), and even as a filler in some healthy-looking packaged foods like turkey burgers. Packaged bread crumbs and stuffing, packaged taco or burrito seasonings, shredded cheese, and even some packaged popcorn and pretzel snacks may also contain soy.

So keep your reading glasses handy! But again, don’t panic – you’ll get used to this, and if you start with small steps, finding a few basic foods with five ingredients or less on your first post-diagnosis trips to the grocery store and then building out from there, you’ll begin to feel more comfortable in no time.

For detailed information on egg, nut and gluten allergies, or general shopping tips, please see the other posts in this series.

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