Health Counseling for Wellness

Discover and fulfill your personal health goals to awaken strength, creativity and focus

Discover What it Means to Be Your Best

I have years of experience as a health and wellness coach, and I’ve never worked with two clients who have exactly the same wants, needs and goals. This only makes sense: a “one size fits all” approach doesn’t work with clothing, cars or entertainment; why would it work with something as deeply personal as health and nutrition?

You are unique, and food affects every single thing about you – from your physical health to your mood and mental health; your power to focus your smarts and creativity for your work or school success; your physical attractiveness from the inside out (we’ve all admired that elusive healthy “glow” in others); and your sense of well-being and confidence. We’ll develop, together, a health and wellness plan that accounts for what you want – awakening your best self – and what your body uniquely needs to make this happen.

Discover What You Need to Be Your Best

Everybody’s different. Your family history, your food sensitivities and intolerances, the stresses of what you’re trying accomplish in life — all of it affects how you respond to what you eat. We’ll look in detail at this key part of your food awareness and wellness.

I’ll teach you proven foods and techniques to build in the nourishment that will help you feel good from the inside out. I follow a reality-based approach, taking into account your lifelong habits, the time you actually have to shop and cook, and which foods you do and don’t enjoy. I believe that improving your relationship with food doesn’t have to (and in fact, shouldn’t) involve starting completely from scratch. As we work together, you’ll find that on the path to your best self, you can still eat and enjoy much more of what you already love than you might think – you’ll just learn to do it better and smarter.

Small Steps: The Three “R’s” for Wellness

1. Restart

In our first session, we’ll talk about your goals and review your current habits of eating and exercising (I’ve worked with everyone from top athletes to self-described couch potatoes, so no matter where you’re starting from, I can affirm and help you). We’ll develop, together, some simple first actions based on where you are and where you hope to be, like five new foods to try based on your body’s unique needs, or easy-to-implement stress-reduction techniques. Your first successes will encourage and inspire you, making your body and mind healthier and readier for the next steps as you start this essential journey.

2. Recharge

In our next sessions we’ll go deeper, developing a comprehensive health and wellness plan based on your emotional relationship with the food you eat (among other factors, we all grow up with a unique family style of eating, and of course we tend to want the foods we’re told we can’t have), and what actually works for you given the time you have in your current work and family schedule (if your plan isn’t based in your real life, it just isn’t going to work). I can offer options you might not even imagine exist: replacement products and ingredients, weekly menus, and recipes for healthier (but still delicious) versions of your favorite comfort foods. I’ve also seen first-hand the striking power of certain green foods to energize and invigorate (my sons tease me for quoting from the Superhero movie Green Lantern that green “is the strongest source of energy in the universe”), and I have years of experience in making these foods delicious even for non-veggie-lovers. Every small change you make will give you new energy to move forward.

3. Renew

You are in charge of your health journey. You deserve to feel and live your best. We’ll adjust as we go based on which changes you discover make you feel the most alive, and the most like you. You’ll develop a fuller understanding of the food and lifestyle choices that work best for you. You’ll implement simple yet profound and lasting changes on this road to your best self.