Health Counseling for Small Groups

Work alongside friends, colleagues or employees to understand what "health" can mean for you.

Whatever your group or organization’s health needs, I can give you guidance and hands-on tips to help you be your best. I’ve worked with dozens of small businesses, corporations, athletic teams, churches, families and groups of friends. I can offer general information about how to improve overall health and wellness, and/or design specialized nutrition plans to maximize focus and performance.

Small Businesses and Corporations

If you run a small business or corporation, I’ll work with you and your employees to provide facts and create fun, opt-in strategies to encourage healthy lifestyle choices. I’ve learned from many of the business owners I’ve worked with that soaring health care costs have motivated them to try to lower medical expenses by maximizing employee health – and that (leaving out the “soaring health care costs” part) can turn out to be a win-win for everybody in your organization, including you. There’s been a general tendency in the U.S. to focus on treating illness and not on encouraging the kinds of lifestyle and wellness practices that can prevent many diseases (in particular diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure) from starting to begin with – but so much can be prevented, with just a few small simple changes, and so much more good health can be enjoyed.

I use straightforward, tested, personalized techniques, and I can offer options you might not even imagine exist: replacement products and ingredients, weekly menus, and recipes for healthier (but still delicious) versions of everybody’s favorite comfort foods.  I’ve found that after people choose to make a few small changes, the improvements in how they feel and how much better they’re able to focus will often become their own best motivators to continue on the road to wellness.

Other Groups

Many of my clients find that the best way to jump-start their quest for good health is to work within a group, whether it’s a group of friends or family, or an athletic team, church or other organization. I’ve designed programs for groups ranging from top-notch athletes to overworked moms hoping to find more balance and energy to senior citizens who’ve never exercised before. I’ll listen carefully to your group’s needs, and design an educational program with hands-on tips and guidance to help each and every member feel they’re on the road to their best selves.